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Regex Auto Buildder Differences between Standard Edition and Professional Edition

Regex Auto Builder has standard edition and professional edition, there are some differences between two editions:

  Standard Edition Professional Edition
The Most Suitable For Use 1. Little Knowlage Of Regular Expression
2. Simple text extraction
1. No Knowlage Of Regular Expression
2. Complex text extraction
Number Of Wizard Pages 1 No Limit
Number Of Capture Groups 3 No Limit
Auto Check Builded Regex 1 Can Can
Auto Modify Builded Regex 1 Can Can
Refer To Other Wizard Pages When Build 1 Can't Can
Use Character Or Numbers Count When Build 2 Can't Can
Model Used In Build 3 Few More


1. When there're more than one wizard page, we'll check the capture groups in every page, if same, we'll use the determiners in another page to build regex, and after that, we'll check the builded regular expression with those wizard page, if the result is not same with the group, we'll try to modify the regular expression.

2. We'll use the character or number count as determiner to build regular expression, such as [\w]{5} or [\d]{2,}.

3. More models will be used when the professional edition build regular expression, and the result will be better.


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