1. Program can't run

2. How to install .net framework

If you want to install .net framework 4.0 or above, you can download and install it from : ver 4.0   or   ver 4.5 . (you can select the language you want to install).

if your system is win8 or win8.1, .net framework 4.5 is installed by default, if you disable it, you need to enable it again.

3. Number of groups or determiners increase faster

Because of the bug of Rich text box, mouse drag is not fit to define group or determiner, we recommend that you define a group or determiner in such a way:

Click at the start of group or determiner, hold down the "SHIFT" key, click at the end of group or determiner. (Or in the opposite way)

The selected text will change its color, and the number of groups or determiners will be changed. You can check if they are correct.

If you define the group or determiner by mouse drag, the number may increase very fast.

4. Language pack

We will continue to add language packs, you can see the latest information on our website.

The language packs will add to list automatically after update. If not, you can download and saved it to the directory: install path\languages\.     Take a look

5. Results are not satisfactory

Though we are work hard to build the very correct regular expression, but it can't be 100%!

If so, you can modify the regular expression and test again. In most case, you just need to change 1 or 2 characters.

6. How to select a determiner?

Determiner is the words which determine the location of a group uniquely, in most case, it is same in every match text.

The first determiner must can identify the whole string you want to match from others, and other determiners can identify all other groups.

It can before a group, after a group, or inside a group,or across it.

It can be some words, punctuation, spaces , or every thing you can select! If there are some same words, select them! Be sure to select as few as you can, or the regular expression will be more complex.

7. New line character at end

If determiner or group is at end of a line, a new line character maybe defined in the group or determiner, and the regular expression maybe not correct!

To check this, you can use "Custom Regex" by hold key Ctrl and left click on the group or determiner,then check it in "Source Text"!


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