Export texts

You can copy result texts to clipboard or export result texts to a file.



After build or test, the results of test will show results at right of window:

if you want to export them, please right click in results of test area, the pop menu will show:

select what you want to do.

"Copy" will copy the texts to the clipboard, and you can use them in other programs.

"Export" will save the texts to a file, and you can import them to database, excel file etc., or modify them later.


If you select "Export ", the save file dialog will show:


you'd select the path and input the filename you want save as. Click "Save" button, the file will be saved.




Every matched rows will be saved as a line.

Every groups in a row will be separated by the character you define in the "Option Settings" window.

Double click on the match text in test result text box, it will show you the position of match text in the source text.


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