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Regex Auto Builder  is an easy to use regular expression generator and string capturing tool.

Regex Auto Builder generate regular expression automatically for you, even if you don't have any knowledge of regular expression language!

Regex stands for "regular expression", and it is a custom string that describes a searching pattern. Generally, it can be successfully used in association with specialized software, in order to perform advanced searches, regardless of the programming language in which the code is written. Almost all the programing languages are support regular expressions.

The regular expressions are most often used in pattern matching with strings, or in string matching. Regex Auto Builder allows you to build such regular expressions, as well as test them and preview the result, then export matched text for further use!


Regex Auto Builder  is suitable for users who :

Have less or none knowledge of regular expression language and:

need to generate regular expression

need to capture characters from regular string

Have knowledge of regular expression language but:

have not enough time

have no patience

It is also a very easy to understand regular expression language teaching tool.




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