Config the Regex Auto Builder.



Open Menu "Setting", select item "Setting". 

or click icon on toolbar,

The "Option Settings" window will appear:


Select Theme: choose the theme of all windows.

Font Family Of User Interface: the default font of all window texts.

Button Background: select the background color of all buttons.

Font Family Of Button in UI: the font of button text in all windows.

Font of source text in wizard: is used by the source text box and result text box in wizard page only.

User Interface Language: select the user interface language.

Select Project Save Location: is the directory where Regex Auto Builder project saved in.

Delimiter of exported text in wizard: is the character to separate capture groups when export to file or copy to clipboard.

Show tool tips: show tool tips or not.

Button "Save": save your configuration.



All settings will take effect immediately after you click the "Save" button.

You can select your UI language from submenu item of menu item "Language" in menu "Setting" directly.


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