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1. Downloading

All downloads are free. All products are full version.

If the MD5 of file you downloaded is not the same as the one written on download page, don't install it! Please tell us: info@hymann.com, thanks!

2. Registering Software

The software will register its self at start,It will collect information on your hardware and software to identify a user, including MAC address of the network adapter or gate, hard disk serial number, and computer name. No other information will be collected.

If an error occurs when connecting to our server:

connect hymann

Please check:

Our website is accessible at your location.

You are the member of Administrators.

If the error persists, please contact us!

3. Licensing

How soon will the software be delivered?

After payment is received, your license key is sent immediately. If you don't receive it in 2 hours, please contact us.

Did not get registration key?

First of all please make sure that you do not have an incoming mail filter, antivirus scanner or firewall that deletes incoming mail with key attachments from the hymman.com domain. You may need to check both your personal e-mail and security software and also your incoming mail server (contact your ISP). If you did not get your key within 2 hours then please contact us immediately at sales@hymann.com. Please include your user name and email address.

How to register?

After receiving your license key, start the program, and fill in the registration detail as prompted(The window will only appear AFTER the trial has expired)

Register window

Please input all your infomation and click button "Register" to register the program.

Alternatively, you can go to Help->Register Adminner:



If the registration is successful, you can see your license information in the "About Adminner" window, and you can find it in the file "XXXXX.exe.config". ("XXXXX" is the products name)



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